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General Feature

Superior picture quality

Crystal clear digital image without analog conversion, Lossless picture by Intra-coding technique, Higher picture quality than Analog HD

Long Distance Digital Video Transmission

Digital HD picture transmission over 400m at 1080P/720P over coaxial cables

Real-time HD 1080p/720p at 25/30fps

All channel real-time recording up to 1080p, HDMI/VGA video output, Delayless live display


Light and simple system architecture, More affordable price compared with HD-SDI, Use of legacy cables without cabling upgrade, Compatible to HD-SDI without extra cost

Use Existing Coax

Transmit high quality HD video over RG59 & RG6, Highly adaptable to cable characteristic

Customer proven product quality

Robust and strict quality control system, Outstanding image quality similar to broadcasting picture

Powerful CMS

Multi-channel display up to 1,024 channels, Automatic Schedule Backup via network, Support 3rd party IP cameras

Mobile Viewer for iOS & Android

Support iOS & Android, Live monitoring, Playback, PTZ control and Direct Relay out